A little about me and my decade-long experience with digital and social media 


It all happened quite by accident when I started blogging in 2008. I was looking for something that would serve as both a creative outlet as well as a way to connect friends and family to my life with young kids. My first platform was a simple one and it was Blogger and I did nothing more than post pictures of my kids and tell the hilarious anecdotes of our lives. As my oldest was about to start to her middle school years I thought that my kids needed their privacy. I was not about to start to air their issues or dirty laundry for the rest of the world to see.

My blog morphed and transitioned a bit until it became a true reflection of who I am and what I like. A lifestyle site, I focused on food, fashion and décor – anything that falls under the lifestyle umbrella.

At this point people really started to pay attention. I was approached by top brands like Jack Rogers, Tiffany & Co, and Warby Parker to name a few. Celebrities like Colin Cowie started to reach out as well asking me to share their design and entertaining tips. Rizzoli International started sending me the most extraordinary books in exchange for reviews. This all started to happen about 7 years ago. These brands saw and understood the power of social media and the bloggers. The gifts started pouring in. Philips reached out to me and gave me an espresso machine to review valued at $1,000.00. At the top of my game I was one of the top 80,000 websites in the world. I had no secrets, I had no tricks. I was just being me. I received countless food and beverage products to try – lots of wine and bubbly!

I was an “influencer” long before the word became a part of our vocabulary. I was invited to design shows across the country and in Europe. (I couldn’t attend many due to my small children.) I have traveled to Europe and throughout New England without spending a dime to promote various events, venues, hotels, inns, etc…

In 2010 as my personal life bottomed out, my virtual life grew. That year I filed for divorce and my transparency, raw, brutal, honesty seemed to have made my site even more desirable. I then started a new blog called Amid Life, wanting to separate the “pretty” website from the reality that was my world. The new site took off overnight with supporters, sympathizers, empathizers and a few nasty trolls too. I had enough material to write a book, and one day I will. But in my own pain I realized that I was revealing a bit too much of my personal life, that I decided to shut it down.

My divorce was finalized in 2012 and my blog continue to grow in popularity and did so until about 2 years ago when I just couldn’t dedicate the time to writing, photographing, and coming up with inspiring content, as I needed to concentrate on making an income, growing my own business and focusing on my family. My blog is still active and I still do post when I am able – I have vowed to be better about it this year, but clients do come first.

Understanding the power of the virtual world and social media I decided to focus on that area. Suddenly I had several clients whose social media accounts I was either starting or taking over and growing with varying degrees of success. When I handed the accounts back to the owners, for the most part, I watched as growth stopped thriving drastically. There is just one exception, a former client, Newport socialite and author whose account from I grew one summer from a mere handful of followers to a couple thousand. (She now has about 40,000 viewers!)

My own numbers continue to grow. Across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest I now have about 120,000 followers, most of those on Pinterest. I don’t believe in fad tricks; I do believe in being authentic. I don’t believe in growing an audience overnight; I do believe in growing it organically. I believe in quality over quantity.

I understand just how much digital marketing along with traditional marketing and PR can help small, local businesses make their marks in the large world of social media, as well as in their smaller communities. I also recognize the fact that many small businesses don’t have the means or the wherewithal to hire someone to handle their marketing. This is where I come in to help guide you, give you the tools and teach you how to use them to better market yourself and your brand.  

I have been closely following the trends and the algorithms via podcast, select courses and by getting my hands on whatever materials I am able to make sure that I am always current with the changes so that you are too. A former marketing and public relations professional, it is my belief that traditional skills become even more successful when used with the more modern techniques.