The Importance of knowing your Client's Audience

Photo taken for Instagram

Photo taken for Instagram

The Importance of knowing your client’s audience

Let’s talk about marketing for a sec.

What are you doing for your company to improve visibility and recognition?

I had a client, a restaurant, who needed some brand recognition. Something beyond social media, beyond traditional PR, and beyond advertising. I suggested they have some matches made with their logo to keep by the front desk.

"But we don’t want have anything to do with smoking, they said." And I told them that it doesn’t, and gave my reasons why I thought this would be a good idea for them.

The other night I went to grab some matches to light a candle. (These were in a dish on my coffee table.) Tonight, we’ll be a Party of Five at one of these restaurants.

My former client made a mistake.

I know my audience, and I know my audience's customer.

Social media is just a small (although important) aspect of marketing that is most effective when combined with traditional marketing and public relations. There’s a lot more beyond the worlds of Facebook and Instagram, and this is what separates Gimlet Marketing from the rest. With a focus on locally owned, clients range from designers, artists, photographers, restaurants, boutique shops, and fitness centers. We have a proven track record.