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Former Client

Bianco Rosso Wine Bar and Restaurant

Located in the heart of Wilton, Connecticut, Bianco Rosso, is a longtime local favorite that has received numerous accolades and has been praised by many. The New York Times said that "Bianco Rosso is not just another Italian restaurant. It has style, flair and a short, compelling menu." Despite the rave reviews and constant stream of regular customers which include couples, families and foursomes, owners Cristina Ramirez and Emilio Lopez saw the need to engage on social media to reach an audience beyond the Wilton area. In the case of Bianco Rosso, the restaurant provides their own images and GIMLET MARKETING creates verbiage content and placement to complement the photographs. Because we only engage a couple times a week, engagement has grown but at a much slower rate than those who choose to engage on a more regular basis. 

Gimlet Marketing has also designed their website: