Craft 14 Kitchen + Bar

Owners Cristina Ramirez and Mario Lopez, already a fixture on the Wilton restaurant scene with their immensely popular Bianco Rosso opened up their second restaurant, Craft 14 Kitchen + Bar last summer. And although it was an automatic favorite among locals the owners thought that employing some social media with good imagery would help draw diners from other towns. 

Craft 14 Kitchen + Bar offers a fare of traditional American comfort food with a twist with a healthy assortment of dishes that are both traditional and contemporary, offering up variations both familiar and surprising. With a generous selection of salads, burgers and entrées, diners will also find unexpected treats including short rib bao buns, chicken and waffles, tuna rolls in phyllo and their decadent cast iron mac and cheese. Craft 14 has redefined the definition of upscale comfort food with a twist.