Jessica Gordon Ryan


A Food, Drink and Lifestyle writer Jessica saw that many of her subjects were new and emerging businesses and needed help beyond the writing of a positive article. Drawing from her earlier career in advertising and public relations, her success as a lifestyle writer and her command of the new world of digital marketing, GIMLET MARKETING was born. 

The boutique firm offers a wide range of services which include photography, editorial, public relations and social media services.

Jessica Gordon Ryan's writing and photography have been published in local and national, print and digital publications such as Fairfield MagazineWilton Magazine,  Moffly Media Publications: Westport Magazine, AtHome in Fairfield County, Greenwich MagazineYankee MagazineThe Daily BasicsCTBites, and Coastal Connecticut Magazine.

Jessica has been described as a "tastemaker, a lifestyle writer, photographer and memoirist with a stellar reputation as a trendsetting bon vivant. The stylish and vivacious owner/creative director of The Entertaining House—a blog that has become synonymous with poise and luxury—has garnered attention from top brands, designers and celebrities from around the world. Both professionally and for The Entertaining House Gordon Ryan writes dexterously about culture across the board." She brings this aesthetic to her brand.

To enquire about services and fees kindly send an email to:

She was recently interviewed on TalkZone Radio and you can listen to her here