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The CT Challenge (CTC) is a game-changing nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the 15.5 million cancer survivors in Connecticut and throughout the U.S. rebuild, improve and prolong their lives through exercise, nutrition, mind-body health and community-building support programs. The CTC opened the Center for Survivorship in 2012 as an incubator for best practices in cancer survivorship care. The CT Challenge Bike Event is the primary funding vehicle for the paradigm-shifting programs advanced by Mission.

The programs funded by the CT Challenge Ride were renamed Mission in 2017 to position them as the flagship for cancer survivors everywhere. Our commitment to use these programs to equip all who battle cancer with the exercise, nutrition and mind-body knowledge, tools and community needed to live. life. vibrantly. remains unchanged.

Gimlet Marketing was brought on on a temporary basis to develop, manage and position contend for social media efforts for both the CT Challenge and Mission brands to promote both the upcoming Bike Challenge and the new Mission Brand. The two brands are unique in that they do no advertising or public relations; they rely on social media for all their marketing efforts.

Gimlet Marketing was brought on again to photograph the CT Challenge Bike Event.