It all started when someone reached out to me for a lesson on how to better market their small business…

A colleague needed some social media help and so I guided them through the very basics. But there was so much more to teach and we simply ran out of time. It was a time when I was busy with my own clients and couldn’t take on another. And so from there I decided to create a simple guide for small businesses looking to increase their online and in-store presence. Once the basics were mastered I realized there was so much more I could teach from copy basics, to hashtag strategies, to photography and editing.

We offer both group and private sessions.

Social media is just a small (although important) aspect of marketing. Traditional marketing and public relations also play crucial roles in the success of small business. There’s a lot more beyond the worlds of Facebook and Instagram, and this is what separates Gimlet Marketing from the rest!

We have created a multi-level course based on clients’ needs and budgets to help increase their revenue.

We also conduct digital media audits for those who request. We assess all digital platforms for strengths and weaknesses, focusing on areas needing improvement, crucial aspects that are missing, as well a noting those areas that are being well handled.

Let us know how I can help your small business thrive!